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BLU Moon transportation is all around town! When it comes to transportation for the Bay Area’s top events, BLU Moon is the obvious choice. The Tampa Bay area has all the assets you’d expect from a major metropolitan area: world-class museums, vibrant shopping districts, delicious and unique restaurants, championship sports venues, live performance arenas and ample night clubs, just to name a few. If you’re here to learn, plan to spend a fair amount of time in Historic Ybor.

This area is home to such notable trades as cigar making and local landmarks such as the Columbia Restaurant, a Tampa must see. Explore the city’s innovative roots at the MOSI, Museum of Science and Industry. Be sure to save time for some of the Bay Area’s quintessential experiences, like hitting the beautiful beaches then catching a hockey game at Amalie Arena. (Where else can you do that?) How about some window-shopping in Hyde Park? Whatever you do, remember that BLU Moon Transportation is here to help with all your transportation needs while visiting our beautiful Tampa Bay Area. Below are some of our most recent happenings…enjoy!

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Dear Fellow Americans and NFL Players, Coaches & Executives,

If you want to start a conversation, you should not start it by disrespecting the very person or persons you hope to persude. To help those who have not taken the time to understand the very thing they are disrepecting, BLU Moon Transportation would like to offer this breif history of the American Flag. We hope you learn a little something that helps you realize that the American Flag represents us ALL, including YOU. When you disrepect it, you disrepect us ALL and you damage the very cause you claim to support. While you are free to "protest" or "speak out" however you like, WE, the rest of this Proud Country have the same FREEDOMs that the American Flag represents. Speech ONLY works when it is heard, and disrespect is NEVER the best way to be heard. We hope everyone takes the time to Learn, Listen and Love One Another. Thank you.

From Drexel University Online, an educational video exploration into the history of the American flag, narrated by former NBC10 journalist Terry Ruggles. Thi...

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We are happy to report Evacuation Resettlement Operations are complete and we are 100% Operational. We would like to thank everyone for your patience and understanding. Also, we would like to thank all those in Charleston, SC, Atlanta, GA and Tallehassee, FL for your campassion and kindness during the evacuation of our staff and equipment. We are excited to get back to serving the Tampa Bay area with the best Luxury Transportation possible! Thank you again.

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What a great company to use for your transportation needs Yvonne and I have enjoyed their great service and recommend them anytime

5 months ago

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